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Books and Websites about Marti’s Story

Videos and Podcasts

        Shadow Ops: Codename TRIGON on The American Heroes (formerly Military) Channel

  • CNN Special Series:  Declassified – Season 1 Episode 1 TRIGON: KGB Chess Game
  • The C.I. Desk by Christopher Lynch C-Span podcast
  • Caught by the KGB, SPYCAST – International Spy Museum podcast archive
  • SPYTEK: The Deadly Game video - to be added
  • Inside the KGB video  - to be added
  • BBC Channel 4 Radio podcast Spies archive
  • Reel vs Real on The Americans TV Series, at UCLA with producer and actors
  • I Spy podcast on TRIGON Foreign Policy Magazine May 2020
  • A Female Spy in the Cold War C-Span – University of Florida, Bob Graham Center
  • Interview PBS – WHQR Coastline Radio Broadcast
  • Discovery Channel 1995 – Top Secret Missions - to be added

Other websites which might be of interest:

CNN DECLASSIFIED Season 1 Series 1  TRIGON sample

Shadow Ops series on the American Heroes Channel AMHC, Covername Trigon