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An American Girl Beat Up KGB Speznaz Guys. A True Story


An American Girl Beat Up KGB Speznaz Guys. A True Story

1 February

To the man in the street, special forces units of the KGB are associated with such concepts as “insurmountable force” and “invincibility.” But have Alpha and Vympel always won over spies and bandits? Or were there chapters of defeat or even comical moments in the history of the KGB Spetsnaz? Today we will tell you about one of them.

[Translator: NOT Martha Peterson!]


The Trianon Case.  The most famous traitor of the Cold War era. It is about the capture of a CIA informant in the Soviet Foreign Ministry – Alexander Ogorodnik, they even made the film about it: TASS Is Authorized to Announce. The traitor was caught, thanks to a tip from a KGB informant in the CIA – Aldrich Ames, but Ogorodnik did not live to see the trial: he committed suicide in detention. After the capture of Ogorodnik there was the issue of figuring out just who the CIA officer who worked with him was, so a 24-hour posting of KGB special forces “Alpha” was set up at the spot where the traitor and the CIA case officer exchanged information. Spetsnaz forces were ready at any time to pounce on the American and detain the intelligence officer.

Alexander Ogorodnik

The Fight on the bridge

The information exchange point was located on the Krasnokaluzhsky Railway Bridge. It was a secluded place and random people didn’t go there. Any person who passed by the CIA cache was recorded and carefully studied. And it was only three months later that an official of the American Embassy appeared at the bridge.

Схема тайника ЦРУ

CIA cache sketch

The official turned out to be Martha Peterson – a well-known drunkard and a woman of easy virtue. The KGB officers were shocked! No one expected that this slutty woman would turn out to be a CIA intelligence officer, and her whole history of alcohol addiction and promiscuous relationships – it’s her? Surveillance did not follow Peterson at all, she was considered a regular, piddling employee of the State Department.

Martha Peterson

And now came the moment of truth – Martha walked up to the drop point. Immediately, “Alpha” Spetsnaz  forces rushed out from pre-equipped shelters. Inexperienced in the detention of women, the Spetsnaz guys tried to delicately ask the lady to come with them. The answer was not long in coming. Martha Peterson quickly kicked one Spetsnaz guy in the shin, another trooper got a fist in the groin. A fight broke out.

Martha Peterson Captured

Martha Peterson’s Detention

Later it was learned that Martha Peterson had a green belt on taekwondo; this largely explained Martha’s phenomenal ability to resist several well-trained KGB Spetsnaz troopers. The fight lasted about a minute. Martha struck, dodged the hands of the officers and shouted out using good Russian cursing. It took the four Spetsnaz guys about a minute before they managed to subdue the “fragile” woman. A lot of spy equipment was found on Martha and she was deported from the country. In her memoirs, Martha Peterson explained her behavior by wanting to warn Ogorodnik about the danger of being captured; at the time she did not know that the traitor was no longer alive.

Марта Петерсон после задержания
Martha Peterson and Consul-General Cliff Gross

Martha Peterson after Detention

“The Fight on the Bridge” was Martha Peterson’s most vivid memory of working for the CIA. This story is also reflected in the lives of the heroes of the Russian intelligence services because Peterson’s detention was led by Captain [Translator: Vladimir Nikolayevich, later Colonel] Zaytsev, who in the future became the first head of the KGB Special Operations Center. He also laughed a lot when he recalled this ridiculous incident on the Krasnokalsk Bridge.


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Comments [Translator: a short sampling]

Vadim Brook 4 months

How can you hit a woman? So the guys were confused.



4 months

A clever lady. She would have taught the Chekists a lesson but she was done in because there so many of them! And now the oligarchs have Everything and the People have Squat. In the end, what did we fight for.


Ivan Ivanov

4 months

KGB officers were not supposed to leave any sign of a fight on her body, so Peterson resisted the detention team for several minutes. By the way, it is not a green belt in taekwondo: Martha Peterson is the owner of a black belt in karate and is the United States champion.


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 [Translator: The author also references Alexander Dobrovolskiy’s article “Chekists Did a Forced Striptease on Captured American Spy; ” Newspaper Moskevsky Komsomolets and Novye Vedomosti at https://nvdaily.ru/info/165291.html 

Александр Добровольский “Пойманной американской шпионке чекисты устроили принудительный стриптиз”; газета Москвовский Комсомолец

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